Calculating Rates

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Whether you are integrating Jetti with a custom channel or customizing an existing one by implementing a custom checkout flow, you may need to look up the Shipping Rates as they are calculated by Jetti.

This can be accomplished by making a POST call to where :id is the Jetti Channel id.

The destination address needs to be sent as payload as well as the SKU and quantity of the different items being shipped.

"rate": {
"destination": {
"country": "US",
"postal_code": "20500",
"province": "DC",
"city": "Washington",
"name": "Test",
"address1": "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW",
"address2": null,
"phone": "14441112233",
"fax": null,
"address_type": null,
"company_name": null
"items": [
"sku": "c1235mgb1",
"quantity": "1"
"currency": "USD"
"options": {
"scope": "sku"

Jetti will return the rates as well as additional details for each shipment needed to deliver the items entered in the payload. In case there are multiple options, Jetti will also return the alternative shipment methods available.

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