Allow-list of IP addresses for Onport resources

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How to enabled an allow-list of Onport's services

Onport may send data to external services in several scenarios, such as syncing an order to a WooCommerce store or retrieving inventory CSV files from an FTP server.

In these situations, your vendors or partners may request an IP address from Onport.

Our servers operate within a specific range of IP addresses that are part of the larger pool used by AWS EC2 instances.

Additionally, behind the EKS nodes, the traffic is routed through NAT gateways, each linked to a specific fixed IP address.

Moreover, within the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), the load balancer spans multiple zones (us-east-1a, us-east-1b, and us-east-1c), where each zone is configured with its own NAT setup and static IP allocation.

In essence, vendors only need to whitelist those three IP addresses.

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