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To avoid constructing complex queries to filter attributes and side load additional resources, you can make use of the scope parameter in the API to pull in product and vendor related information.

To pull a list of products along with their corresponding variants, options and inventory feeds, you can poll GET or GET The later will provide the variant object as the route resource, the first will group the variants by their root product.

"id": 977535,
"companyId": 1235,
"name": "Gore Gore® X7 Partial Gore-tex Infinium™ Jacket - Blue",
"handle": "gore-gore-x7-partial-gore-tex-infinium-jacket-blue",
"vendor": null,
"createdAt": "2019-11-22T20:56:57.564Z",
"updatedAt": "2019-11-22T20:56:57.564Z",
"variants": [{
"imagesMapped": [],
"images": [],
"lowInventoryQuantity": true,
"displayName": "100537ARAP06",
"costPrice": 0,
"id": 3099498,
"companyId": 1235,
"productId": 977535,
"vendorId": 37465,
"dropshipProviderId": null,
"sku": "100537ARAP06",
"name": "X-Large",
"dropshipProviderMapping": "brand_name",
"description": "<p>The ski-specific fit of this jacket will allow you unhindered movement while performing your best. Enough GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ material to keep you protected, without the bulk of a heavier jacket.</p>",
"productType": "",
"requiresShipping": true,
"barcode": "",
"levels": null,
"inventoryAllocated": 0,
"inventoryQuantity": 0,
"inventoryFeeds": 0,
"minInventoryQuantity": 0,
"defaultPurchaseQuantity": 1,
"leadTime": null,
"totalPurchaseItems": 0,
"totalSaleItems": 0,
"grams": 0,
"inventoryPolicy": "track",
"inventoryType": "tracked",
"position": 5,
"taxable": true,
"serialPrefix": null,
"serialSuffix": null,
"serialReference": 0,
"vendorSku": null,
"fulfillmentPolicy": "vendor_default",
"noInventoryPolicy": "replenish",
"automaticallyBackorder": "vendor_default",
"dynamicInventoryPolicy": null,
"denyThreshold": 0,
"backorderQuantity": 0,
"tags": [
"Mix and Match_Apply Offer"
"notes": null,
"packingHeight": 0,
"packingWidth": 0,
"packingDepth": 0,
"distanceUnit": "in",
"inventoryRouting": "inventory_feed",
"createdAt": "2019-11-20T03:36:08.215Z",
"updatedAt": "2019-12-04T14:27:17.355Z",
"vendor": {
"id": 37465,
"name": "GORE",
"fulfillmentPolicy": "company_default"
"option_values": [{
"id": 8439516,
"variantId": 3099498,
"optionId": 1289956,
"variantValue": "X-Large",
"option": {
"id": 1289956,
"name": "Size"
"prices": [{
"price": 219,
"id": 3652272,
"priceListId": 1645
"channel_variants": [{
"id": 3690999,
"variantId": 3099498,
"channelId": 1858,
"status": "connected",
"externalId": "31293837639764",
"externalSku": "100537ARAP06"

The endpoint supports the full pagination and additional querying features of our API. For example, you can use this to paginate through the complete list of products to export to your store. Details on the JSON schemas for the above data flows can be found within our API reference.

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