Providing Tracking Information

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Onport can fetch tracking details from a service for any labels generated. To to this, you need to enter the tracking endpoint URL under the shipping integration setup. This endpoint will send a POST request, with the external ID returned from the previous label endpoint. You'll need to return the data in the following format:

"trackingEvents": {
"externalId": "track-123",
"statusAt": "{{date}}",
"status": "transit",
"subStatus": "information_received",
"actionRequired": true,
"details": "On route to customer",
"city": "San Francisco",
"state": "CA",
"zip": "94111",
"country": "US"

The statusAt and externalId fields are required, all other fields are optional. For details on the values for the fields, see the tracking-events.json schema definiations:

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